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Our company began to operate in the architectural glass industry in the early 1970s. The founder’s profession in the retail sector continued for a period of 30 years under the name of Coskun Glass.
In order to respond to developments and innovations in the sector, in 1992, Trakya Glass and Plastic Joinery Industry and Trade Inc. established and began to operate in a 5000 m2 closed facility. We became one of the country’s leading glass processing factories and continued our activities under a more corporate structure.
By expanding our sales network, in 1992, we became Sisecam Glass ‘Authorized Double Glass Dealer’and continued to grow in the construction sector parallel to the increase in demand.
In order to effectively respond to the growth in domestic&international markets, to offer better quality and efficient service to the clients, in 2012, we expanded our machinery, added tempering machine into our machinery park and started to operate in our second facility which is located in Selimpaşa/İstanbul.
Today, we continue our production both in Esenyurt and Selimpaşa facilities by using the most modern computer and production control systems. By prioritizing customer satisfaction we work hard to achieve our aim which is efficient service and fast delivery and maintain our position within the sector, keeping our excitement intact.